All Soul Sister’s Day

Today was an obligatory Angela day because we were both free and it was her turn to feed me—although she always feeds me even when it’s my turn since she’s the one with a higher sweldo, hee! We wanted to have mexican but Sunzibar was closed so we met up at Starzrock instead. Forever and always. We had the meatball spaghetti for lunch and skipped the dessert because we’ve been meaning to try the food at Hotel XYZ. We planned to have Thai at Q but our friends say it’s quite expensive so we just had dessert at ABCD Café.


In case you’re wondering, we ordered the “Choco Blackout Cake”. Very sweet and yummy and as usual, I was obliged to finish it because I was the only one who can. It was a nice, quiet afternoon of less people and selfies and laughs and planning. Wish there’d be more afternoons like this.

Looking forward to Friday for her birthday! Lablab!


I’m almost done! Just a few minor fixes on mobile and some email clients and this’ll be sent on Wednesday(!), which means I have 24 hours to left to live (then I can die).

Helloooo, world! After having such a crappy start of the month, I feel like I’m starting to get back on the happy track thanks to Jollibee—had jolly spaghetti and cookie berry twice today which gave me comfort in these busy, stressful days. Other than that, Mark has been very patient with me and my tantrums and it kind of just makes me happy having him around when I’m overly emotional because he allows me to bully him for no apparent reason. (Although right now, I torture him because his dog ate my favorite pair of loafers and he insists that I take it out on him. Not a good enough reason but I was too attached to those loafers I could kill his dog any time now.)

Other than living in stress, I don’t think I have much going on. I may be very busy but I have a boring life, unlike my Happy Bunch who are celebrating Jizelle’s birthday right this moment. Okay, that makes me sad.

Sob. Bye.

Here we go again.

Tonight, the rest of my stuff (from my old apartment) came as it was the last day of moving. Yep. I’ve officially moved in with the Legos again. After organizing my clothes, I couldn’t help but sigh and say, “Well, here we go again!”

In case you didn’t know, this wasn’t the first time I (officially) lived in the Lego House. The first time didn’t exactly work out because Mark and I got too comfortable knowing that we were just under one roof which made us fight a lot and take each other for granted. It ended up getting really messy that I had to move out and be by myself.

But here we are, after a year, under the same roof again. I doubt that I’ll be more patient this time given that I’m almost always stressed out but I hope living together will be easier the second time around.

11 months after…

Senior designer: I told you to change the font. It’s still Helvetica.
Me: That’s not Helvetica.
Senior designer: Oh. Then what font is that?
Me: Helvetica Neue.

This was me, about 11 months ago, with my font life revolving around Helvetica and not (insert pretty webfont name here). Felt a little nostalgic today because I saw my photo on the bulletin board at work today, under “anniversaries”. I kinda miss me in the dialogue above and the days when everything used to be so simple. Like when Helvetica actually used to be enough of a font for me and when UI and UX were just random letters and not things that are being stressed about.

Today, after about three months of procrastiworking, I finally saw the (almost) end product of the newsletter that I’m redesigning. I am half contented (for being able to somewhat pull this off despite disliking traveling back to the 90′s) and half disappointed (for spending so much time on something that looks simple).

I kind of just want to get this over and done with because (1) I simply do not want to add another month working with tables and (2) I want to be more useful for other projects that I might have more interest in.

And now I am stressed out with so many things and on so many levels so I have to force myself to sleep.

Mr. Brightside is coming to town!

Just found out that my favorite band second favorite band of all time is coming to the Philippines(!) and exactly a month after I actually visit Manila. I’m pretty sure I can’t recover from financial crisis in just a month so I have 10% of seeing them. This makes me very sad. 9 years, The Killers! 9 years of waiting! *insert very long chin-dragging face*

Sorry, I just felt like I needed to take this out somewhere because this brings (ultra) (mega) depression to me and my best friend. There there, girl.

Less attachments.

Today, I woke up in (Mejia Apartment) Pleasantville for the last time. I did not feel sad that it was my last day there. After moving six times in the last two years, I’m pretty sure I’m used to everything not being permanent.

Apartments and houses. Friends. Relationships. Sometimes even family. Change will always screw everything up. That is why I try my best not to get too attached to people (even though I tend to fail miserably) because they aren’t going to be there forever. And I’ve been disappointed too many times, left alone and out of place too many times, lied to too many times, and taken for granted too many times.

But not anymore.

I’ll try to care less as possible, get used to being on my own, and open up to fewer people.

No more miss nice Elie.

Because it’s 1 AM and I can’t sleep, I’ve decided to write my first post under my new domain name,, which I bought last Friday during a massive .me domain sale.

Hi, everyone! Now that I’m back to taking care of a (domain) name, expect more updates and personal drama from this blog this next few months.

To start it off, I am having a bad start of July. Actually, it’s more of a sad than bad. I feel like I have been stressed and uninspired for too long and I’m starting to think it’s unhealthy.

And a miracle—I feel sleepy—all of a sudden, which doesn’t always happen. So I’m grabbing this opportunity to get some shuteye, I hope.

Tracking my sleeping time on Path (app). Add me: eliebercero. Good night!